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Advanced Industrial & Environmental Computational Fluid Dynamics Services CFD Research

Over the past two decades, we have worked successfully with our partners from government departments, research institutions to multi-national companies in Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia and provided them with unparalleled competitive advantage.

Research & Consulting

With a team of highly skilled, dedicated & experienced professionals, we offer high quality research & consulting services, across a wide spectrum of applications:

- Aerospace & Maritime

- Automotive & Transportation  

- Air-conditioning & Industrial Ventilation  

- Fire & Safety

- Biomedical Flows  

- Electronics Cooling & Thermal Management

- Environmental Flows (Atmospheric & Water)

- Turbomachinery, Pumps & Appliances

With a century of CFD experience and availability of state-of-the-art computing facilities, we deliver reliable flow predictions within a short period of time. The appropriate modelling approach to specific requirement is assured, with experts performing the complete CFD investigation which leads to the selection of suitable engineering design concepts & solutions or enhanced process performance, minimising the need for expensive prototype testing or field measurements.

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